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ReText turns 10 years

Exactly ten years ago, in February 2011, the first commit in ReText git repository was made. It was just a single 364 lines Python file back then (now the project has more than 6000 lines of Python code).

Since 2011, the editor migrated from SourceForge to GitHub, gained a lot …

A review of endianness bugs in Qt, and how they were fixed

As you may know, I am Qt 5 maintainer in Debian. Maintaning Qt means not only bumping the version each time a new version is released, but also making sure Qt builds successfully on all architectures that are supported in Debian (and for some submodules, the automatic tests pass).

An …

ReText 5.3 released

On Sunday I have released ReText 5.3, and here finally comes the official announcement.

Highlights in this release are:

  • A code refactoring has been performed — a new “Tab” class has been added, and all methods that affect only one tab (not the whole window) have been moved there.

    From …

Magic infinite sequences for Python

Today I have released a small module for Python 3 that implements cached lazy infinite sequences.

Here are some examples that demonstrate what this module can do:

>>> InfSequence(5, 6, ...)
<InfSequence: 5 6 7 8 9 10 ...>
>>> InfSequence.geometric_progression(9)
<InfSequence: 1 9 81 729 6561 59049 ...>
>>> InfSequence.cycle('foo …