ReText 6.0 and PyMarkups 2.0 released

Today I have released the new major version of the ReText editor.

This release would not be possible without Maurice van der Pot who was the author of the greatest features because of which the version number was bumped:

  • Synchronized scrolling for Markdown. It means that the preview area scrolls automatically to make sure the paragraph you are editing is visible.

  • The multi-process mode. The text conversion now happens in a separate process so will never block the UI. As a result, the interface should be now more responsive when editing huge texts.

    This also required refactoring the PyMarkups library. ReText now depends on version 2.0 of it, which was released yesterday (or a newer version).

Other news worth mentioning are:

  • The tags box was replaced with a new “Formatting” box with quick access to most Markdown features, such as headers, lists, links, images and so on. The initial version of this code was contributed by Donato Marrazzo.

  • Images now can be pasted into ReText: first a save dialog for them will be presented, and then the valid Markdown or reStructuredText markup for them will be inserted. This was contributed by Bart Clephas and Maurice van der Pot.

  • The basic CSS styling for tables has been added (to make sure they have borders visible). This applies only unless you have your own CSS.

  • Added a button to quickly close the search bar, for those who prefer buttons over keyboard shortcuts.

  • Hitting Return key twice now will close the itemized lists and remove the inserted list markers from the previous line.

As usual, some bugs have been fixed (most of fixes have also been backported to 5.3.1 release), and some translations have been updated from Transifex.

Please report any bugs you find to our issue tracker.