ReText 5.2 released

Today I am proud to announce the ReText 5.2 release.

With this release, ReText also has a new home — we moved from SourceForge to GitHub, and ReText project on GitHub now hosts repositories of both ReText and PyMarkups.

ReText under KDE 5

Improvements in this release are:

  • ReText will now try to load icon theme itself, if Qt failed to do so (there are some known limitations in Qt so it can't pick up the icon theme in many cases). On X11, ReText will use XSettings, and when that is not available (for example on Wayland), it will try to load the theme name from GSettings.

    I have also put a standalone XSettings library for Python as a Gist, so that others can use my code.

  • The code for working with fonts has been re-written, and should be now more stable. I have also committed a change from Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin to add a GUI for selecting the font used in editor.

  • The desktop file has been renamed to use the reverse-DNS notation (me.mitya57.ReText.desktop), as required by the latest version of the Desktop Entry Specification. This will also allow Qt in future versions to correctly find the desktop file for ReText on Wayland.

  • An appstream data file has been added, to improve the experience of installing ReText with appstream-compatible software managers.

  • As usual, the updated translations from Transifex have been included.

This release is already available in Debian unstable and will be soon synced to Ubuntu wily as well. Users of other distributions can get the release tarball from PyPI or install it via pip or a similar tool.